Vibration of Divine Consciousness – Autobiography of A Siddha

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This is the spiritual autobiography of Sadguru Kedarji. This awe-inspiring book maps his spiritual journey; the journey of one previously-jaded, down-on-life individual who has been completely transformed through the Grace of his Master, our lineage and his own spiritual practice.

“This book is as awe-inspiring as it is practical, and as accessible as it is profound. As a living model of Humility, Reverence, Devotion, and true spiritual leadership, Sadguru Kedarji eloquently offers vibrant gems of spiritual wisdom for every seeker of the Truth. From those who are just beginning to inquire about the true purpose and meaning of their lives, to seasoned yogis, his leadership is timely and relevant. In all aspects of our daily existence, there is no substitute for the value of learning from direct experience and strong spiritual leadership. Sadguru Kedarji’s own journey to Self-realization exemplifies how this fact is especially true in spiritual life.

Sadguru Kedarji’s leadership by example unequivocally demonstrates what it means to live in a state of Grace. He also sets the example of how to experience Bliss and Inner Peace on a lasting, permanent basis, from moment to moment, in a manner that does not depend on anything or anyone else. Everything we need for total well-being—Love, Peace, and Joy—already exists inside of us. Based on his own journey, Sadguru Kedarji demonstrates that keeping the company of a true Shakta Adept and receiving the blessing of authentic Shaktipat offers a uniquely direct and easy means to experience an absolute understanding of this truth. By illuminating the priceless value of authentic Shaktipat through this book, Sadguru Kedarji reveals how we can stop concealing our true nature from ourselves, and with great joy, master all of the energies of our lives.”

Kambra McConnel
Board of Directors
The Bhakta School of Transformation