Course 201. The Secret To Great Self-Esteem!

The Secret To Great Self-Esteem!

Course 201 – For Adults and Teens.

What if you could low self-esteem in a matter of days? You can! Poor self-esteem manifests out of a lack of knowing and experiencing your true nature. It comes from a lack of Joy, Inner Peace and Inner strength that is born of content. These are spiritual principles and inner experiences that must be cultivated, in order to have great Self-Esteem.

In this mini course, certified program leader Amanda Harkness shares her experience of how she overcame her low self-esteem, and the methods that she used to do so. This is an excellent mini course for newcomers to the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum!

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Cost – $40 per person.

**If you attended this course live, you can purchase it for $20.00 per person, for each part.

This mini course is taught by Amanda Harkness. Amanda is a public health professional. She sits on our Board of Directors and also volunteers her time in several other areas of our school.

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Total of $32.00 per person.

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