Course 114. How To Conquer Fear With Love

Course 114 – For Adults.

How To Conquer Fear With Love
Parts 1 and 2

Fear is an ego expression that kills joy, peace and happiness. It is the primary cause of a restless mind that has become a prisoner of the senses, in the play of the Gunas and the Malas. There is only one antidote, one weapon that can root out and destroy fear. And that is Love. This Supreme Love is without conditions and is the answer to rooting out fear forever.

In this mini course, Sadguru Kedarji continues to lead us through the examination and direct experience of how to recognize all our fears so that we can conquer them with the Love that is the highest power – God’s Will.

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Cost – $60 per person for each part.

**If you attended this course live, you can purchase it for $30.00 per person for each part.

This mini course is taught by Sadguru Kedarji.

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Total of $60 for Part 1

Total of $30.00 for Part 1, only if you attended the course, live.

Total of $60 for Part 2

Total of $30.00 for Part 2, only if you attended the course, live.