Course 112. How To Properly Understand and Engage The Kriya Process

Course 112 – For Adults.

How To Properly Understand and Engage The Kriya Process – Parts 1 & 2

Course 112 – For Adults.

Your perfection is already with you. You are the Self. You are the Supreme Principle. You are all great beings. For ages you have concealed this fact from yourself by pulling a veil down over your Heart. You have concealed your true nature from yourself by holding the false notion that you are just a person, an individual, just the body, the senses and the mind, just ordinary or delightfully weird.

In truth, there is nothing to attain. Spiritual life is not about giving you anything that you don’t already have. It’s about burning away all that you are not. In this two-part mini course led by Sadguru Kedarji, the path of Sadhana, also known as the Kriya Process, is elucidated in great detail. The instruction and methods for facing yourself in Sadhana are taught by Kedarji. This is the means of destroying all the karmic tendencies that are the obstacles to your permanent spiritual transformation and ultimate Liberation.

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Cost – $60 per person, for each of Parts 1 and 2.

**If you attended this course live, you can purchase it for $30.00 per person, for each part.

This mini course is taught by Sadguru Kedarji.

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Total of $60 for Part 1

Total of $30.00 for Part 1 only if you attended the course, live.

Total of $60 for Part 2

Total of $30.00 for Part 2 only if you attended the course, live.