Course 110. The Power-of-The-Practice-of-Contemplation

Course 110 – For Adults.

The Power of The Practice of Contemplation – Parts 1 & 2

Course 110 – For Adults.

Without knowing how to engage in contemplation of instruction, lessons, utterances and practices offered to you, over a long period of time, Sadhana becomes just a series of unanswered questions, even when the answers are right there in front of you!

In this two-part mini course led by Sadguru Kedarji, we examine the most effective approach to the practice of contemplating the utterances, instruction and methods for engaging Sadhana. This mini course is ripe with the highest understandings of our lineage of Sages, for perfecting the practice of contemplation that always leads to the experience of the Bliss of the Self, and the inner knowing necessary to steadily advance in Sadhana.

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Cost – $60.00 per person, for each of Parts 1 and 2. 

**If you attended this course live, you can purchase it for $30.00 per person, for each part.

This mini course is taught by Sadguru Kedarji.

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Total of $60 for Part 1

Total of $30.00 for Part 1 only if you attended the course, live.

Total of $60 for Part 2

Total of $30.00 for Part 2 only if you attended the course, live.