Course 102 Patience For Adults and Teens

Course 102 – For Adults and Teens.

Inner Peace Cannot Be Experienced Without Patience – Parts 1 and 2

Your restless mind did not become restless overnight. It has taken lifetimes of pursuing limiting desires and the minutia of life for your mind to become agitated and restless. So, it’s going to take a little time to make it quiet.

In spiritual life, there can be no lasting attainment without Patience. This incredibly important spiritual principle is a necessity to master for permanent spiritual transformation. The mind loves the places it frequents the most. Without patience, it is impossible to wean the restless mind on to the experience of inner Peace.

In this 2-part course, we examine the spiritual principle of Patience and how to attain it. You can become a patient human being. In this course you will learn how.

Topics Include:

  • How to inculcate patience as a spiritual guide.
  • How to become more patient with yourself.
  • How to become more patient with others.
  • Weaning the mind away from agitation with patience.

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Cost – $60 for each Part (Parts 1 and 2). 

**If you attended this course live, you can purchase this for $30.00 for each Part (Parts 1 and 2).

This mini course is taught by Sadguru Kedarji.

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Total of $60. Part 1

Total of $60. Part 2

Total of $30.00. Part 1, Only if you attended Part 1, live.

Total of $30.00. Part 1, Only if you attended Part 2, live.