Books By Sadguru Kedarji

Vibration of Divine Consciousness.
A Spiritual Autobiography.

This is the spiritual autobiography of Kedarji. This awe-inspiring book maps his spiritual journey; the journey of one previously-jaded, down-on-life individual who has been completely transformed through the Grace of his Guru and his own spiritual practice.

“This is a book by a true Master for true seekers. In this book, based on the power of his own journey to Self-realization, Kedarji has created a foundation for spiritual aspirants to have repeated inner experiences of the Self. Kedarji reveals the challenges he had to face in the spiritual journey to the lasting attainment of Bliss, Inner Peace and permanent Happiness. These are the same challenges that every seeker has to face on the path to becoming established in the Natural, Free State of Being that Kedarji speaks of in this work. He shows us how it is possible to overcome these challenges in order to develop spiritually and acquire lasting Joy and Peace that is not dependent on anything or anyone outside ourselves.”
~ Jean Spagonolo

Available in paperback edition or as a PDF download.


The Verses On Witness Consciousness

Witness Consciousness or the State of the Observer: An experience in which you are able to watch your thoughts, emotions, notions, etc. come and go passively, without judgment and without any reaction or response that allows the energy of egoism to arise. A state in which you are able to observe that source from which all thoughts arise, are sustained and withdrawn.

The purpose of practicing Witness Consciousness is to begin the important process of Remembrance, as you perform your daily spiritual practice and as you go about your daily activities. The great beings tell us that Remembrance means resolving one’s identity crisis by identifying with the Self, with our true nature, in every movement of thought, emotions, notions, etc. in our Consciousness.

This wonderful work by Kedarji is full of inspiration and practical instruction on how to begin and practice Witness Consciousness to expand the witnessing awareness that takes us beyond the mind and beyond the senses.

Available in Paperback.


The Sutras on the 5-Fold Act of Divine Consciousness

The Sutras are based on a poem that Kedar wrote in praise and worship of Lord Shiva. This sacred text confers the principles of our Trika Shaivism and The 5-Fold Act of Divine Consciousness that are the foundation for The Art of Inner Transformation and all our practices here. It is the philosophy of our approach.

“The Sutras On The 5-Fold Act of Divine Consciousness form a unique work of divine inspiration. These Sutras can confer Shiva’s Bliss on every reader. One of the special qualities of this matchless work is that it can bestow spiritual happiness, both momentarily and continuously. The more one reads and meditates on it, the more one realizes its spiritual depth and its perennial inspiration.”

Professor K. Shivananda Kamath
Hosdurg, Kanhangad
Kerala, India

Available in paperback edition or as a PDF download.


For The Love of Greed

Our world has gone mad with greed. Greed even overlooks and defies logic. To see it, you need only to open your eyes. It is also an unfortunate fact that people believe that you can be greedy and still have justice for all. You cannot. It’s either one or the other. Both cannot coexist.

Any society built on greed is a society built on lies. The greedy will politicize greed, in attempts to get us to act on emotions rather than facts. Statements made to excuse the collective actions of the greedy cannot be trusted. Such statements undermine the common good.

This phenomenal little book is a must read!

Available in Paperback and eBook.